Retainer Assurance Program

Worry Less and Smile More

The long-term stability of your teeth depends on many factors, including growth of the jaws, wisdom teeth, tongue posture and dental restorations. Orthodontic retainers are appliances made to hold teeth in place to prevent long-term movement. We recommend nightly retainer wear if you would like to keep the same result as when you finished orthodontic treatment. You will never have to worry about losing or breaking your retainers with our Retainer Assurance Program.

Retainer Assurance Program

With the program, you will receive:

  • Four sets of retainers (upper and lower retainers) or four upper retainers and a lifetime warranty on a lower fixed retainer
  • Additional retainers (single arch) for $99 ($299 value)

Additional Information

  • Retainers can be financed over treatment, starting as low as $33 a month for 24 months
  • Additional financing options are available
  • Retainers are non-refundable

Ask us for more information about our Retainer Assurance Program at your next visit to our office in Burke, Fairfax, Gainesville and Herndon!