Welcome to Trü Orthodontics’ Virtual Smile Consultation!

The Trü Orthodontics’ Virtual Smile Consult process is the first step in what might be a life-changing decision not only for your smile but your overall dental health, all on your cell phone and without leaving the comfort of your home.

To Get Started

Click the widget on the left. You will be directed to input your cell phone number to access the platform necessary for submission.

Upon completing this submission, if applicable, please have your dentist send your most recent panoramic or dental x-rays to virtual@truortho.dental.

When you get to the Help Us Get To Know You step, in addition to sharing what you most want to change about your smile, if you know what your dental orthodontic benefit is, please include it.

Approximately two business days after your submission, you will receive an assessment of your orthodontic needs, treatment options, and cost.

* Dr. Elhady, a Board Certified orthodontist who has been practicing in Northern Virginia since 2005, will review all submissions.

*Treatment and costs are subject to change upon an in-office clinical examination and verification of insurance benefits.



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