Top Orthodontist in Northern Virginia

Posted: February 5, 2020

Making the decision to undergo an orthodontic treatment should not be taken lightly, and it’s important for patients to ensure that they are receiving the highest quality of care.

Continue reading to learn how to find a top orthodontist and the benefits of working with a highly-skilled and experienced provider.

How to Find a Top Orthodontist

If you want to find a top orthodontist, you should seek a highly skilled and qualified provider with extensive experience. The practitioner should specialize in orthodontics and be able to provide you with a number of before and after photos, highlighting their work.

Another way to find the orthodontist that is right for you is to ask your general dentist or family and friends for a personal referral.

Reading online reviews and patient testimonials can also offer some helpful tips and insights into an orthodontist’s practice and what you can expect from treatment and results.

Orthodontist Education and Training

In order to become a top orthodontist, a provider must first earn a doctorate degree in dental surgery or dental medicine.

After dental school, they will go on to receive specialized training in orthodontics in a 2-3-year residency program.

Upon completion of an ortho residency, they will undergo rigorous testing to become certified by the American Board or Orthodontics.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Top Orthodontist?

Working with a top orthodontist allows patients of all ages to address alignment and bite issues and transform their smile.

Benefits also extend beyond aesthetics and can help improve oral health and basic tasks like chewing.

Best of all, patients will experience a boost in self-confidence and feel proud about having healthy teeth and a radiant smile.

Looking for a Top Orthodontist?

If you want to transform your smile and are seeking a top orthodontist, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.