Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Two-Phase Orthodontic TreatmentOur experienced orthodontists may recommend two-phase orthodontic treatment for your child following their initial orthodontic screening. This type of treatment is usually recommended to help your child maximize their treatment and achieve the best possible results. Two-phase orthodontic treatment is usually most effective when treatment begins at an early age, when the mouth and related structures are still growing and ready to accept orthodontic treatment.

Phase One

During Phase 1, our orthodontists and team provide treatments to help your child’s jaw develop properly. This ensures that it can accommodate all their permanent teeth and that the upper and lower jaws are properly aligned. This minimizes the need for tooth extractions and other invasive treatments in the future and helps your child avoid many problems that may develop or worsen later.

Resting Period

There is a resting period between the two phases of treatment. During this period, we will monitor your child’s development to make sure that their oral growth and development is progressing normally while their teeth erupt.

Phase Two

If treatment is needed beyond Phase 1, your child will receive Phase 2 care. This is the stage of treatment associated with more traditional options, such as braces, and ensures that your child’s teeth and jaws are in harmony with each other and with other structures of their face and mouth. Our orthodontists and team provide a retainer following Phase 2 treatment to ensure your child’s teeth remain in the correct positions.

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