Surgical Orthodontics

Dr. Sherif Elhady may recommend surgical treatment to correct the position of your jaw to improve your oral function. Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, is only recommended when more conservative treatment options will not produce the needed results. If you are at an age when your jaw has stopped growing (about 16 years for women and around 18 for men), our team can provide orthognathic surgery to correct severe problems with your bite that can’t be solved by braces alone. Some conditions for which surgical orthodontics may be recommended include:

  • TMJ disorders
  • Correcting abnormalities of the teeth, jaws and facial bones
  • Problems in speaking, chewing, sleeping or performing other daily actions
  • Balancing your facial profile
  • Improving the function and appearance of your jaw

When you receive surgical treatment, our orthodontists will perform a full evaluation of your jaw using the latest technologies and treatment techniques to ensure that your procedure is tailored to your exact needs. Depending on the severity of the problem and the type of treatment you need, you may require more than one procedure in order to fully resolve the issue and restore your oral health and function. Our orthodontists will discuss your options with you prior to providing treatment so that you can make fully informed decisions about the care you will receive.

Our team is very experienced in orthognathic surgery and dental technology, and methods are at a point where the benefits far outweigh the risks of orthognathic surgeries. We can help you mold your mouth, face and jaws into an optimized and healthy position that brings you the function you need for a full and happy life.

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