iTero® Digital Impressions

iTero® Digital ImpressionsTrü Orthodontics uses iTero® digital impressions when creating your appliances and planning your treatments. This state-of-the-art impression technology creates highly accurate impressions, allowing us to design comfortable and effective treatments and eliminate the discomfort and mess associated with taking traditional impressions.

Digital impressions make the impression process quick, comfortable and efficient. This technology captures detailed images in a matter of seconds using a small scanner. As this scanner — a handheld wand that is small and unobtrusive — passes over your teeth, images are captured and instantaneously transmitted to the computer. Our orthodontists and team are then able to use those impressions to simulate your treatment outcome and create a customized treatment that fits your mouth and smile perfectly so that you can achieve the results you desire.

Benefits of iTero digital impressions include:

  • A more comfortable and less invasive experience
  • Extremely accurate final impressions
  • Avoidance of the possibility of skewing or damaging the final impression when removing a traditional impression
  • A quick scanning process
  • A convenient imaging process, especially for those with sensitive gag reflexes — the impression process can be stopped and restarted at any time
  • iTero is useful in a wide range of treatments, including creating orthodontic aligners and retainers
  • A radiation-free laser

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