Early Orthodontics

Early OrthodonticsOur orthodontists and the American Association of Orthodontists® recommend that children receive an initial orthodontic screening no later than age 7. By age 7, a child’s mouth and jaws are developed enough that we can determine if there are any problems with the alignment of their jaws or bite and if treatment is needed to correct those problems. If your child does need treatment, we will also be able to determine the best time to begin that treatment.

Early orthodontic treatment allows our orthodontists to correct potentially serious problems before they can impact your child’s oral health and function. This early treatment also helps ensure that your child’s permanent teeth have space to erupt properly in their mouths. Early treatment is beneficial in a number of ways, as it can:

  • Reserve space in the mouth for teeth to erupt in the future
  • Provide more space for crowded and erupting teeth
  • Improve facial symmetry
  • Guide jaw growth
  • Reduce future treatment time
  • Minimize the need for tooth extractions

Early orthodontic treatments are usually done at a time when your child’s bones are still relatively soft in comparison to a healthy adult’s. The gentle but effective treatments of early orthodontics can guide and mold a child’s developing jaw and facial bones into place. This allows our team to accomplish treatment in a fraction of the time it might take at a later age.

Dr. Sherif Elhady will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth, mouth and jaws to determine if early treatment is a good option for them.

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