With the advent of digital dental technology, it truly has become easier for dentists to move teeth… so many people ask,
“Should my dentist do my braces or Invisalign treatment?”

Here is a list of reasons why orthodontists are considered specialists:

1. Orthodontists complete two to three years of additional residency after finishing dental school to learn how to move teeth and fit teeth together properly.

2. Would you want an orthodontist doing a root canal on your teeth? He probably could since he did it in dental school, but how long it will last? Orthodontic treatment is the same. If the teeth are not moved properly, no amount of retainer wear will keep them in their new position.

3. Orthodontists are more efficient in moving your teeth. You can DIY renovating your home, or you can hire a contractor to finish the job in a fraction of the time.

4. Orthodontists are not only experts in straightening your teeth, but also experts in aligning your bite. If your bite doesn’t fit together, your dental future doesn’t bode well.

5. Most dentists see an orthodontist for their own orthodontic treatment. Likewise, they take their children to an orthodontist to be sure an expert is providing care. Why wouldn’t you?

6. As a top 1% Invisalign provider, Dr.Elhady is an expert at providing amazing smiles with Invisalign. He regularly attends courses on the latest advances in Invisalign, keeping up with the ever-advancing technology.