Looking for braces without huge metal brackets and wires on your teeth? In-Ovation braces are a low profile treatment option that’s easier and less demanding of your time. These braces help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile using highly aesthetic orthodontic appliances. Instead of traditional elastic or metal ties, In-Ovation braces use self-ligating brackets to control the wires. This means less oral irritation and less plaque build-up on your teeth during treatment. In-Ovation braces offer several patient-friendly designs that work faster and are more comfortable than conventional braces.

The Perfect Smile in Half the Time!

In-Ovation braces can help you achieve amazing results far more quickly than other treatments. Often, depending on your treatment needs, In-Ovation results in transformed smiles several months sooner than other braces.

In-Ovation® Patient Benefits

  • Quick results

  • Small and comfortable to wear

  • Fewer office visits

  • Fewer orthodontic adjustments

Different Styles of In-Ovation®

In-Ovation braces come in three different styles that look great and are comfortable to wear. Consult with Dr. Elhady to find which In-Ovation braces will work best for you.

In-Ovation R braces are small, metallic-like clips that replace traditional metal brackets and elastic bands. In-Ovation braces help you avoid plaque build-up on your teeth, so it is easier to maintain your oral hygiene during treatment.

In-Ovation C braces offer an inconspicuous way to straighten your teeth and give you that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, using highly aesthetic translucent ceramic brackets.

In-Ovation MTM are small orthodontic brackets that are placed behind the teeth and are virtually invisible. No one will be able to tell that you are wearing braces. Treatment can sometimes be completed in few short months.