For over 10 years, Elhady Orthodontics has been a household name in Fairfax County. In that time, my team and I have built a reputable practice centered on 3 core values: excellence, compassion and care.

Our faithful dedication to these core values has been driven by a desire to remain true to our belief in holistic orthodontic care for families. And so I’m proud to announce today that Elhady Orthodontics is now Trü Orthodontics. As Trü Orthodontics, we’ll continue to provide the same great care that our patients, families, and community have grown accustomed to: trü excellence, trü compassion, and trü care.

So on behalf of my team—and with a heart filled with trü gratitude—I would like to thank you for your loyalty and support these many years. I look forward to leading Trü Orthodontics through the next decade and beyond with an amazing team of professionals dedicated to providing world-class orthodontic care to you and your family.