Orthodontic emergencies are not common but do happen. If you or your child experience an orthodontic emergency in Burke, Fairfax, Gainesville and Herndon, Virginia, call Trü Orthodontics at 703-440-0100 immediately. Our team will make arrangements for you to meet with our orthodontists as soon as possible to resolve the problem, and we will provide instructions on what to do until you can meet with Dr. Sherif Elhady.

There are many orthodontic discomforts that can be safely handled at home to give you temporary relief until you are able to come to our office. For example, if you have a broken or poking wire, you can bend the wire in with a pencil eraser or cut it with the clippers given to you in your initial emergency kit. If you break your appliance, put it in a plastic bag and bring it to our office.

When orthodontic appliances are broken, dislodged or displaced, it is important that we replace them as soon as possible. Be sure to call our office for an emergency appointment.

General Soreness

It is completely normal to experience some soreness after starting orthodontic treatment or getting an adjustment to your appliance. This soreness is temporary, and if needed, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever as you would for a minor headache. It is also normal to have irritation on the cheeks and lips from poking wires. You can treat this at home by moving the wire away from your cheek using a cotton swab or a clean eraser. By placing a small amount of wax on the end of the wire, you can prevent it from irritating your cheek.

Typically, this general soreness and irritation occurs for one to two weeks after getting braces. Once your mouth is accustomed to the new placement of the oral appliance, you will feel more comfortable.


If you are asked to wear headgear, it is important that you wear it properly, as instructed by our orthodontists. By wearing it according to our instructions, you can get a great result.

Loose Appliances

If your appliance has become loose or a bracket has come off, call our office to schedule an appointment with our team to replace it.



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